Common Core: Indoctrinating America’s Children

Moderator Jerry Dietz & State Rep. Barbara Wheeler
Moderator Jerry Dietz & State Rep. Barbara Wheeler

On Tuesday evening I attended a two hour Common Core forum held at the Living Waters Church in Grayslake. The agenda was to have four panelists, two in favor and two opposed, give opening remarks for the first hour followed by another hour of questions from the audience. The moderator was attorney Jerry Dietz who also introduced local State Representative Barbara Wheeler who made a short statement at the beginning. One of the panelists was Nicki Bazer from the Illinois State Board of Education. She spoke in favor of Common Core and mentioned that she has a child just starting school. The other panelist who was ‘pro’ common core was Jessica Handy. Speaking out against the new educational learning technique was Bruno Behrend. Another strong opponent who has put up a website at was Erin Raasch. She has a nine year old daughter that she has taken out of the Illinois school system and is currently home-schooling her. Although the following video is quite long I would encourage anyone with children in the public school system to take the time and listen to what the panelists have to say.

It was quite obvious that the majority of those in attendance were not buying into what they heard about Common Core Tuesday evening. Someone posted the following image on Facebook that clearly shows how far away from the “Three R’s” our school system is getting.  This was an assignment given to an 8-year old in third grade. Do you feel it is appropriate for a child that age or do you agree with what her mother wrote on the assignment? Local school activist, Lennie Jarratt, explains common core as:

Common Core is a controversial set of untested educational standards that were sneaked into cash-strapped Illinois as part of a competition for Obama stimulus money. By adopting Common Core, control of our schools was taken from our local school boards and parents and given to the dictates of a complex maze of agencies and corporations. In addition, schools are now required to collect and share personal data children as young as preschool all the way through to young adulthood in the workplace. Among other uses for this data, children will be the subject to high tech social science research and testing.

Being taught to 8-year olds in third grade via Common Core
Being taught to 8-year olds in third grade via Common Core


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  • Under the no child left behind act, the school systems are required to tell the military what a child is doing from the time they enter Kindergarten until they graduate from high school. This has become part of the ASVAB program.

    You have to opt your kids out of this reporting. You can get the paperwork at this link. When you send it out to the Pentagon, you have to send it in a few times because they have a tendency to “lose” that paperwork.
    The school system loses federal money for every child that opts out of this program.

    • Michael

      Lori, the ASVAB is not a data collection protocol. The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is simply an assessment test used to determine your occupation in the military. There is no hidden agenda there, every military applicant takes this test and it’s a half a day process being mostly testing. Yes, the military does collect your basic history during the enlistment process, and that makes sense considering you could end up with security clearance and be handling deadly weapons.

      • Mick

        Thanks, Michael! Sheesh, the BS some eejits’ll believe. Colleges recruit HS students as well…perhaps we should put a stop to that too. No telling what trash these educational institutions will put in our kids heads, right?

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