Community Commitment Slate Formed in Round Lake

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Community Commitment Slate forms in Round Lake
Community Commitment Slate forms in Round Lake

Village of Round Lake President Jim Dietz has announced his bid to run for a second term. Mayor Dietz has partnered with four dedicated, experienced, community minded individuals to form their slate, “Community Commitment”. Running with Mayor Dietz are current Village Clerk Joyce Swieton, incumbent Trustee Sonia Sandoval, former Trustee Michael Blum, and Lieutenant Dave White of the Greater Round Lake Fire Protection District.

The slate, Community Commitment is dedicated to these key focal points; Continued fiscal responsibility, Preserving the past and creating a vision for the future of the Village and all its residents, and Building a sense of overall community. “Over the past four years with dedication from specific current and former trustees, we have stabilized the village in uncertain economic times. We now need to utilize that stability and build a vision and road map for the future as we move into a more stable economic environment. I feel our team members each bring experience and ideas that contribute towards the vision that is our community commitment.” – Jim Dietz.

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