Concrete Gets Poured For Hainesville Road

Thursday was a rained out day at the Rollins Road Gateway Project but it looked as though they were making up for it on Friday with dozens of construction workers busting up roadbeds on Route 83 as well as putting down new roadbeds (concrete) on the reconfigured Hainesville Road and Clarendon Drive. As you can see in the video below the northbound lane of Route 83 just south of Rollins Road is being partly removed since the new temporary road over Rollins Road will take on a new angle. Grading has already begun on both the north and south sides of Rollins in anticipation of the bridge that will be installed for Route 83 traffic.

Northbound Route 83 being broked up south of Rollins Road

Over on the west side of the railroad tracks they were busy laying concrete for the reconfigured Hainesville Road which will now meet up with Rollins just west of McDonald’s at the new intersection. Late in the day the crews were still at it, pouring concrete for Clarendon Drive as it makes a slight northward arc to meet up with Hainesville Road.



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