Congressman Walsh ~ “Occupy” Protesters are CLUELESS!

Protesters on hand outside Warren Township Center
Protesters on hand outside Warren Township Center
Congressman Joe Walsh held another Town Hall meeting Saturday, November 19th, at the Warren Township Center and fielded questions from a packed house of almost a hundred residents. There were several protesters outside with signs saying “Hands of Medicare and Social Security” Walsh’s ability to still pack them in at these Town Hall meetings and his “Cup of Joe with Joe” meetings is almost uncanny.
Congressman Walsh packs them in at his Town Hall meetings
Congressman Walsh packs them in at his Town Hall meetings
While other Congressman cringe at the thought of having to hold town hall meetings, Walsh seems to flourish in them. After his rundown on what is happening in Washington and with the redistricting map, Walsh opened the meeting up to questions from the audience. One of the hot topics brought up was regarding the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. The video below shows Walsh’s feelings about the movement. In the video he is seen asking one attendee to describe in 20 seconds what the Tea Party was in comparison to the Occupy movement. He also asked a lady who was one of those protesting outside the meeting “What do they want?” but she did not provide an answer.
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If you want to watch the entire 1 hour 26 minute meeting, click HERE

After the meeting Walsh was presented with a Joe Walsh “There Goes the Neighborhood” record album by supporters, Joy and Forrest DeGraff.

Joy & Forrest DeGraff present Walsh with a "There Goes the Neighborhood" record album by Joe Walsh
Joy & Forrest DeGraff present Walsh with a "There Goes the Neighborhood" record album by Joe Walsh

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  • Gene Carey

    (submitted to Editor and pasted here)

    Monday, November 21, 2011 9:45 PM
    Edward Roland wrote:

    Of course, Mr. Walsh again lacks the intellectual capacity to
    understand OWS. The wealthiest 400 families have a larger net worth
    than the bottom 150 million Americans. No one went to jail for the
    mortgage crisis after creating nuclear instruments like default swaps
    and collateralized debt obligations. It is not surprising that
    congressman Walsh is unfamiliar with debt obligation in light of his
    inability to pay his child support, his taxes, his mortgage, his
    traffic tickets, his contractor, etc., etc. He should be happy that
    our young people are involved although he benefited by them sitting
    out the midterm. What an embarrassment. This guy can make the GOP
    presidential field look good.

  • Gene Carey

    (submitted to Editor and pasted here)

    Tuesday, November 22, 2011 3:31 PM
    Camel wrote:

    I watched your town hall video. I like how you misrepresent the Occupy
    movement and call it a far left funded movement. I believe most
    donations have come from private individuals, and if you took the time
    to research anything you’re talking about, you would see that any
    effort to co-opt the movement with a political party or ideology has
    been turned down by the people taking part in these protests. Unlike
    the Tea Party who has OPEN conservative far right funding. I believe
    the movements are one in the same its just the money that is funneled
    into the Tea Party keeps the separation alive by forcing Republican
    ideals into a movement that was fed up with BOTH parties. Anyway keep
    up the good job of misrepresenting the people who live in this
    country, you’re doing a great job.

  • Jay

    Where does Edward Roland get his casually tossed off sound bite of “the 400 wealthies families” having a larger net worth than the “bottom 150 million Americans?”

    It’s this spouted “facts”-in-a-vacuum that have damned each side of the issue. If I can be more shouty and alarmist with my “figures” and “stats” (rarely sourced, but given the golden weight of gospel), then I *win* and you *lose.* The need to be right, the need to bellow louder, the need to say how right one is vs. someone who is wrong is grinding the gears of progress to a screeching halt.

    Until the albatross of spin and carefully couched talking points is ditched, neither side wins, and nothing gets resolved.

  • As with patriotism, calling your political enemies “Anti-American” is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Joe Walsh is a joke. He’s ignored his constituents for an entire year, preferring to get on TV screaming about “American Jews aren’t pro-Israeli enough” and “Barack Obama was elected cause he’s black” and basically angling himself for a lobbyist/faux news/american enterprise think tank job after he thankfully exits the Congress.

    If I was more easily incensed about Chicken Hawks like Walsh I’d tell him to suck on my thrice awarded sea service deployment ribbon but that might be taken the wrong way.

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