Congressman Walsh Sets Up Fox Lake Office

It was reported in today’s Daily Herald that 8th District Congressional Representative Joe Walsh will be opening up a northern area office in Fox Lake at Grand and Forest Drive. Walsh stated that it was extremely important to open up an office in areas that often get ignored and that he is hoping to have a grand opening sometime in mid-February.

Fox Lake Mayor Ed Bender couldn’t have been more pleased having Walsh’s office located in downtown Fox Lake. He stated that having Walsh’s office in town would raise the visibility of the area and will give Fox Lake the opportunity to show off what they have to offer.

Walsh also hopes to open up another office in the southern area of the District but gave no specifics on when or where it might be located.

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  • LC Truth

    He should as payback for delivering the office of Congress to him. Fox Lake had more people come out to vote who hadn’t been out to vote in decades.

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