D-116 School Bond Referendum Meeting Falls Short in Attendance

Are The Wheels Coming Off the $29,000,000 High School Building Bond Referendum

Referendum presenters were talking to a bunch of empty seats
Referendum presenters were talking to a bunch of empty seats

Less than 29 adults attended the first of two special meetings scheduled by the Round Lake Area School Board to update voters on what is at stake in the proposed $29,000,000 high school building bond referendum. What generally takes an hour for the presentation took less than forty minutes, leaving almost an hour for the audience question and answer portion. With the presenters talking to mostly empty seats, some of their responses to questions got so lengthy that it was often hard to even remember what the original question was. During their presentation they showed a short 7 minute video of the over-crowded hallways which are a common occurrence at any school between classes.  There was even a comment in one section of the video where a person stated that students are often distracted before the end of the class worrying about how they will get from point A to point B after class. I graduated from Lane Tech in Chicago and we always had clogged hallways and I often had to get from one end of the school to the other end between classes. Many of us also shared lockers so that we could leave school books closer to the next class to save time. This crowded hallway situation is not uncommon in any high school where students move from room to room between classes and the building bond will NOT widen these hallways one inch. Students will still need to get from new classrooms to old classrooms between classes. Other than scene after scene of students navigating the hallways, the 7-minute video showed little other reason for passing the referendum.

During the presentation there were many times that Board members were speaking into turned off microphones (or over-modulated when turned on) and even though Monica Jovel was moving about the audience with a mic in hand, the person asking the question was done before she arrived by them. Thus it’s often hard to hear all of the conversation. One nice thing they did was to have full-color print-outs of the presentation as you arrived, both in English and Spanish. These are available on the school’s website for people to print out or just read prior to the meetings but it was great having them available there. Another identical meeting is set for March 4th from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM for people who were not able to attend this one. In the following full-length video, the question and answer period starts at about the  37.50 minute mark if you just want to hear that portion.

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