Daily Herald Online Access “Opt-Out” Windfall


  • Kathleen Schalk

    Whoever wrote this article on the Daily Herald’s “Subscriber Total Access” program is well-spoken, refreshingly grammatically correct, and used proper spelling. Even more importantly, the facts were all accurate, and s(he) defended an interesting viewpoint. I want to thank the writer for making it easy for me to opt out, as that is what I was seeking when I began Googling.

  • Gene Carey

    Thank you, Kathleen

    It is our STRONG belief that a person should NOT be automatically charged for something that is offered as an option. The Daily Herald should have set this up as an “opt-in” program, requiring those who are interested in it to “act”, NOT those who are not. It’s one thing to increase your bill due to an increase in the price of the item(s) you are currently receiving but it is a MUCH different story to simply start charging you for an “optional” item. I am a subscriber to the Daily Herald but WHY would I pay to read it online rather than read something different on line from another paper’s perspective? Makes no sense even if there are other on line articles/features not offered in the printed Herald. I hope that after they bank a few of those bulging money bags that there is a class action lawsuit against them that will cost them big-time for lawyers fees.

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