Daily Herald: This Is Why The Press Matters

Today’s Daily Herald included an Our View article that asked ‘Why are these people (Walsh and Bean) still campaigning?” The three column article goes on wasting valuable media space by quoting several comments made either by the candidates or their spokespersons.

The Daily Herald asks “Why can’t they give it a rest………..?”

Anyone with half a brain could easily answer that question! It’s because VOTERS ARE ASKING! They WANT to know more about the ongoing ballot counting. They WANT to know who is gaining or losing! They WANT to know whatever news is available! Therefore, the two political camps are under pressure to release some type of statements updating the results (even the media is asking them for any updates). Maybe if the Daily Herald had a reporter at the sites where counting is ongoing, THEY could report on updated results instead of asking “Why” (the candidates are still campaigning). The reports coming out of both camps are not “twisting the facts, no matter the reason, to suit their interests”. The news releases issued by both parties is to SATISFY the curious needs of the public with information that the Daily Herald can’t seem to supply. So, quit patting yourself on the back and making your claim that “the press matters” since many newspapers are folding due to low readership.


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