Daily Herald Suppresses The Truth – Bans Comment

A reader forwarded to us the following email that he received from
the Daily Herald. In it, the Daily Herald permanently revokes his
privileges to comment on their webpage because he cited facts about
the Walsh-Bean race that they did not want to acknowledge

To the Editor of District116.org:
Below is an email I received from the Daily Herald in its entirety.
They permanently revoked my commenting privileges for telling a few
facts about the Walsh-Bean race. As you will see, they claimed that
my offering these facts could disrupt the operation of their
I am not even sure what they mean by that.
DailyHerald.com TOS violation
DailyHerald.com to me
Nov 12 (7 days ago)
Thank you for participating in the discussion at DailyHerald.com. A
comment you placed recently was removed for the following reason(s):
* The comment has been identified as a disruption or potential
disruption of the operation of the Service.
When signing up for an account at DailyHerald.com, you agreed to the
TOS, which can be found at this location:
Your posting privileges have been permanently revoked.

The comment was: “There are facts not covered by the Daily Herald: 1)
The Bean campaign requested of the Cook County Clerk, and received, a
list of all those who had requested absentee ballots but had not
returned them. 2) The list included addresses and phone numbers. 3)
Bean’s campaign also requested and received an image file of a blank
absentee ballot. 3) Fearing repercussions, the Clerk’s office also
made these available to the Walsh campaign. 4) By this, the Walsh
campaign was alerted to apparent chicanery on the part of the Bean
campaign. 5) Walsh also requested that envelopes of absentee ballots
be retained for verification of postmarks, pending a TRO requiring
this. The Clerk’s office refused and discarded the envelopes. 6) The
roster of absentee voters included residents of mental rehabilitation
facilities and nursing home residents with dementia. 7) The ratio of
Bean votes in the Cook County absentee ballots is statistically
anomalous (pro-Bean).”


Editors comment: It would appear that everything that this person wrote on the Daily Herald site turned out to be true. The Cook County Clerk continues to deny that the list included phone numbers but Walsh’s campaign manager, Nick Provenzano, stated that “He restaffed the campaign’s phone banks and tasked callers with working the list provided by the County. What he found was disturbing. A number of calls were fielded by staff at residential centers for the mentally disabled”

This all makes me wonder why the post WAS REMOVED and important facts suppressed in the first place and WHY their posting privileges were permanently revoked.

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