Daylight Savings Time Means Spring Is Near

With Sunday being the beginning of daylight savings time, it’s time to start thinking about starting your indoor seeds, getting your mower tuned up, raking up whatever leaves were left from last fall, and seeing if your swimsuit still fits! We took a drive past the Round Lake Beach lakefront Monday and took a few photos to share here. The lake still has quite a bit of ice on it but with temperatures reaching into the 60’s in the next few days, this should all disappear. It won’t be long before these beaches will be filled with families enjoying why most of us moved here in the first place.

It won’t be long before the lakefront park will be filled with families enjoying the water


Local residents enjoy the lakefront facilities year-round


The RLB boat launch has been updated many times over the years and when State
money was finally used, it could no longer be restricted just to local residents.

According to one of our new subscribers, the building shown below at Rt 134 and Cedar Lake Rd. is the OLDEST existing building in Round Lake. According to our reader. it may have originally been a dry cleaners at this location. It was originally built in Hainesville and served as a general store as well as their post office prior to being moved to this location. If you have some fond memories of growing up in the Round Lake Area, be sure to share them with us on our earlier post at “A Trip Down Memory Lane

The oldest building in Round Lake, having been moved from Hainesville many years ago


And here is one of the newest buildings and business in the area. It is a HUGE 24 Hour Laundry Depot at 1030 N. Cedar Lake Road, next to Scotty’s Hot Dogs. It is so large that it takes up an entire block. From the looks of it, if the laundromat business doesn’t work out, it could always accomodate a service garage with its design and layout. We haven’t been inside but will try to get there in the next few days and feature it in a separate post.

24 hour Laundry Depot opens on Cedar Lake Rd. next to Scotty’s hot dogs


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  • Gene Carey

    Today I felt it was warm enough to finally let my cat outside since the old Tomcat often stays out overnight. He’s been in all winter and was being a real pain lately, wanting to go out and prowl. I took him in two years ago when he was limping badly on two legs. The vet said he was getting arthritic and losing muscle mass but since has bounced back while being inside. It took a long time for him to trust me enough to even touch him, let alone try to pick him up.

  • Mark

    Gene, I provided the Round Lake Civic Center photos of the oldest building too. In the photos the storefront which is shown in the top picture has people dressed in cowboy style clothes and the roads were just mud with horse drawn carts going past. Cedar Lake Rd. was just mud can you imagine that?

  • Mark

    Gene, I am still looking for the photos I have of the oldest building. In my photos is has the building shown above, with people in old time cowboy style clothes standing outside and you can see that Cedar Lake Rd. was made of mud with horse drawn wagons going past. The building was a dry cleaners in 2007. I don’t know what the building was when it was in Hainesville but it was a general store, post office, and butcher shop when it first moved to it’s present location. It was moved to it’s present location which was perfect for all of those functions due to the railroad being right next to it. The train would pass by and the mail bag was collected on a pole as the train passed.

  • Gene Carey

    Mark ~ It sounds like the photo will be well worth waiting for and I hope you come across it. I have a lot of old saved items and I know what it’s like trying to find them when you want them. 🙂

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