Debbie Atkinson at Local Ambit Energy Event

Debbie Atkinson ~ Ranked #4 Ambit Energy Consultant
Debbie Atkinson ~ Ranked #4 Ambit Energy Consultant
This past week I was invited to attend a local Ambit Energy presentation at the University Center of Lake County which is part of the CLC campus. The presentations run approximately an hour and this particular one had husband and wife team, Chris and Debbie Atkinson from North Carolina and the Galveston, Texas area as the guest speakers. They are the #5 earners of Ambit Energy consultants, earning over $1,000,000 in 2011 and on track to earn in excess of $3,000,000 this year. There are a number of consultants in our area that I know personally but was invited to this event by Bruce Campbell who is a Senior Consultant living in Grayslake. The large room where the presentation was held was packed with other consultants and their guests (prospective down-line).

Ambit Energy is a reseller of gas and electricity at lower rates than what most people are paying. Through aggregation, areas like Round Lake Beach have had their monthly bills reduced by approximately 40%. Becoming an Ambit Consultant can wipe out the supply portion of your bill with just a few customers switched over by your efforts. Ambit has been one of the darlings of many magazines such as Fortune 500 with unheard of growth potential since they are currently operating in only a few States. One consultant at the evenings event made the comment that “I wish I had stayed in it four years ago” as she ushered in several of her invitees. Doing some “Googling” tends to confirm that Ambit Energy is a company to give some real consideration to if you are looking for a better life and have some spare time to get started. The local consultants that I spoke with are more than happy to help you get started and build your initial baseline. Like any M&M company success is measured by the time and effort you put into it.

If you are like me and enjoy listening to a little Southern charmer speak, you will enjoy the following video. It has been shortened to 23 minutes showing only the portion when Debbie Atkinson speaks.

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