Brad Schneider’s Top Ten “I Believe” List

Brad Schneider for Congress
Brad Schneider for Congress

10th Congressional District candidate Brad Schneider’s campaign has sent out an announcement to 10th District voters and his supporters showing the Top Ten important things he believes in:

As your member of Congress, I will work to protect the middle class, preserve important safety net programs, and promote the human and civil rights for which we’ve spent decades fighting.

Here are ten more important things I believe:

1) I believe in an America where middle class families can wake up every day with confidence, believing that today is a gift and that tomorrow is full of promise.

2) I believe that the Bush tax cuts, set to expire this year, should be replaced with a more fair, equitable, and responsible tax policy.

3) I believe each of us should be able to give our children quality educational opportunities and provide our families with affordable health care while saving for a secure retirement.

4) I believe a great education starts with teachers, and great educations should start with early childhood learning programs.

5) I believe we owe it to our seniors to protect the promise of Social Security and Medicare today and for generations to come.

6) I believe in a woman’s fundamental right to make her own decisions about her body and her health, free from intrusion by the government.

7) I believe the protection of our environment enriches not just our lives but our livelihoods.

8 ) I believe in marriage equality.

9) I believe successful foreign policy must combine the right balance of hard and soft power.

10) I believe our long term prosperity and security, our global competitiveness and influence, our environment, and our economy depend on accelerating our transition away from fossil fuels and reducing our dependence on imported energy.

Schneider for Congress
PO Box 1318
Deerfield IL 60015
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