Diane Elfering, Union Boss, Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot

Today’s Daily Herald featured an article regarding recent ‘bonuses’ paid to many of the District 46 teachers and building administrators. Under the Freedom of Information Act, reporter Bob Susnjara, obtained details on the $1,100 bonus checks that went to 345 teachers as well as $5,500 bonus checks that went to 10 administrators. This was part of the federal stimulus money that District 46 received under the Education Jobs Fund initiative. 

Of the $733,028 received in stimulus money, $435,000 was paid out in bonuses. According to the Daily Herald article, Superintendent Ellen Correll, told the teachers and administrators that it was “extremely important to share this money with you” It wasn’t a topic expected to be discussed at length at the recent meeting which was well attended due to the proposed tax levy in this cash strapped District. However, due to the information obtained by the Herald, Superintendent Correll was forced to go into more detail.

Diane Elfering, President of the Grayslake Federation of Teachers union, justified the bonuses but preferred to call them ‘Thank Yous” instead. She even went so far as to say “It’s a thank you from Ellen (Correll) and from the Board….”


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