Did Candidate Gomez Shoot Herself In The Foot?

In a recent discussion hosted by the Daily Herald, candidates running for the Round Lake Unit District 116 Board were asked their opinions of teaching creationism in classrooms. The four incumbent candidates all participated at the Daily Herald’s Lake County office and gave their respective feeling on the topic which were printed in the newspaper on March 9th.

Newcomer candidate, Mellody Gomez, did not attend the discussion but was contacted by email for her opinion. According to the Daily Herald, when asked about teaching creationism in science classes, she avoided the question.

Let’s face it, if we were stopped on the street and asked if creationism should be taught in science classes we might be stumped on what the heck they were talking about. As a Christian I believe we were created by our Creator but I seldom hear the word creationism used. The difference in being blind-sided by a question cold-turkey and not having an immediate response is understandable. However, when you receive an email and have sufficient time to gather your thoughts and get up-to-speed on the topic, there is no good reason for anyone running for an office NOT to have an answer. When motions, budgets, guidelines, etc. are brought before a board, those elected need to respond with their vote. Will the voters feel comfortable about a candidate who can’t even respond to a question asking their ‘opinion’? It’s not as though the candidate was voting on a huge spending bill or voting to cancel the music program. It was merely ‘asking’ what they thought about teaching creationism in the science class. The question could become a reality for future Boards to deal with and as voters we need to know how the candidates feel about it before electing them.

With the Daily Herald publishing THEIR recommendations for the upcoming elections, did candidate Mellody Gomez just shoot herself in the foot? It will be interesting to see if the Daily Herald supports her candidacy.

You can read more about candidate Gomez HERE

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  • LC Truth

    We agree on this one. Gomez should have answered the question with her belief. Now putting that aside, if you know Mellody, she is a young and energetic educator. She would be a great addition to a School Board that has helped resurrect D116 fiscally. Now it is time to go to work on the education piece and having an educator on the D116 Board would be a step in the right direction.

  • Gene Carey

    I am a little concerned about her lack of thorough answers on the questionnaire sent by the Daily Herald.

    For example, Gomez talks about being fiscally responsible yet goes on to say “without money……..”. It’s been quite obvious that money flowing from the State can’t be counted on so why go on and on about spending on material, professional development, etc. Why not talk about the belt tightening that will need to happen? Why is the ONLY cut Gomez talks about at the administrative level? Why doesn’t Gomez talk about holding students back that can’t pass the grade level tests that they are currently in? Gomez talks about students poor reading as early as first grade but how many get held back? Why not talk about cutting bi-lingual classes and offering English tutoring for a fee when needed? The issue of poor reading is directly related to the languages spoken in the household and requiring homework to be done prior to outdoor playing. If parents don’t want to step up to the plate to help their children develop into well educated adults, it should not fall on the rest of the taxpayers to absorb the cost.

    Why didn’t Gomez talk about any other community involvement she is or has been associated with?

    Gomez was asked to be specific about budget issues that the district would have to confront. Does simply saying to cut 20% of the administration show an understanding of the overall picture facing a struggling school district?

    When it comes to upcoming contract talks it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that cuts will need to be made due to lack of funding. Yet, Gomez failed once again to come up with a clear answer to her position on taking anything away from the teachers and instead simply stated that it would be premature.

    On the question of boosting the salaries of those approaching retirement to beef up their pension checks, Gomez stated changes made by the Governor but failed to answer whether she would support those increases EVEN if it was at the taxpayers expense.

    If a candidate can’t answer some of these basic questions at this point in time, maybe they shouldn’t be running in the first place.

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