Did Rupam Davé’s Candidacy Just Implode Over DUI Arrests

Rupam Davé, Democratic candidate for Lake County Circuit Court Clerk
Rupam Davé, Democratic candidate for Lake County Circuit Court Clerk
That big BOOM that you heard Saturday may not have come from the Waukegan Air Show as jets broke the sound barrier, but instead may have come from the implosion of Democrat Rupam Davé’s candidacy for Lake County Circuit Court Clerk after it was revealed that she has had three DUI arrests.

An article in the Daily Herald by staff writer Russell Lissau reported that Rupam Davé had answered “yes” to a newly added question on a questionnaire sent out to all candidates asking if they had ever been “arrested or convicted” of any charges. In the article Rupam Davé reportedly stated that she had been arrested three times for driving while under the influence (DUI), the last being seven years ago when she was around 43 years old. Not only was she stopped and arrested for DUI, she was driving on a revoked drivers license and refused to take an on-sight breathalyzer test by the arresting officer. That refusal resulted in her license being suspended for three years by the Illinois Secretary of State’s office.

According to what was reported in the DH, Rupam Davé had an excuse for each incident ranging from a pending divorce to family health issues. She stated that those were the ONLY three times that she has “ever” consumed alcohol. I find it extremely difficult to believe that each of the “only” three times that Rupam Davé consumed alcohol she over-served herself, then decided to get behind the wheel of a 3,000 pound automobile (the latest at 43 years old) and drive down the highway endangering other drivers and pedestrians.

Now, she insists, according to the DH article, that “if elected” she will “stand up and assist people to try and stop this from happening to them.” There was no mention that in her capacity as a local attorney that she has ever spoke before a young crowd at any high schools or at any Alcoholics Anonymous meetings of the dangers of driving under the influence during the past seven years. It can only make one wonder if she will bother if she is “not elected’.

According to Rupam Davé, State Senator Terry Link, who is the head of the Lake County Democratic Party, was aware of her DUI arrests and still encouraged her to move forward with her candidacy to replace Cynthia Pruin Haran who withdrew her candidacy after the primary to spend more time with her young family. Registered Democrats that I spoke with on Saturday are laying the blame directly at Links doorstep, feeling that he never should have encouraged Rupam Davé to throw her hat in the ring. According to what Link told the DH he feels that “It’s been seven years, she doesn’t drink now and she made a mistake.” I think Link should have said ‘made mistake(s)” as in three times….you’re out!

I can’t wait to read what the Daily Herald will be reporting on when it publishes current Lake County Coroner Artis Yancey’s arrest record. He is the well known “repairman” who was caught in a married officer’s master bedroom closet, supposedly replacing a fixture, before being discovered and getting his face rearranged.

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