Did Someone Piss Off Mother Nature?

Even though we’ve lived in Illinois for many years and are aware of the sudden changes in our weather, we were a bit surprised to hear on the evening news that there might be up to THREE INCHES of fresh snow on the ground when we woke up. Sure enough, it snowed! Maybe not a full 3″ but still enough to cover the ground and leave over an inch on my wooden railings. After spending several days last week double-raking my yard, I only wished I had gotten the added seed put down. The slowly melting snow would have been just the ticket for giving the seeds a good soaking.

Mid-April snowfall hits Lake County

We won’t be in too big of a rush to plant our garden with our changing weather. Usually around May 15th is when it gets planted but the seedlings are already doing well in the utility room.

2011 crop of tomato, pepper, and cucumber seedlings waiting for May planting

It might be time for people to contact Wendy Warden at 847-401-1135 if they are interested in helping out with this years Community Garden or renting a spot behind the Avon Township Office on Washington Street for their own gardening needs.

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