District 116 Board President Radford Answers “Prejudice” Charges

D-116 School Board President Nanci Radford
D-116 School Board President Nanci Radford
During Thursday nights “State of the District Finances” special school board meeting, an audience member asked why he was not considered for the open vacancy on the school’s Finance Committee. Having submitted his application BOTH times the board sent out a request, it was almost four months before he finally got a response letter from Superintendent Dr. Constance Collins. During the meeting he said he had no other way to describe his application(s) rejections other than that it appeared that the board was “being prejudice against some community members versus others“. With over twenty years in the teaching profession and a 16 year resident of the area, he was looking for answers as to why he was not considered (or even interviewed) for the vacant position. Round Lake Area School Board President, Nanci Radford, attempted to answer his question in the video below but the man wasn’t very satisfied with her detailed answer. The microphones at the meeting crapped out early on so it may be hard to hear exactly what is being said from the stage even though I tried to enhance the volume prior to uploading the video.

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