District 116 Local Election Results

Below are the recent ‘unofficial’ election results for the local villages that make up portions of District 116. Many offices went unapposed which added to the extremely low voter turnout.

Poor Voter Turnout At Most Election Locations

Village of Round Lake (3 four year terms for Village Board)
Dawn M. Simoncelli = 536
Vicki Wicinski = 536
Greg Clements = 532
Michael Blum = 268
Douglas Rowley = 257
Dale Multerer = 241

Village of Round Lake Beach (3 four year terms for Village Board)
Susan Butler = 393
Jerry L. Mattingly = 354
Thomas L. Smith Sr. = 338

Round Lake Heights (3 four year terms for Village Board)
Marva Meeks = 73
Dominick Mahoney = 69
Jack Germann = 68
Michael Mahoney = 26

Round Lake Park (3 four year terms for Village Board)
Linda Lucassen = 190
Patricia M. Williams = 187
Candace Kenyon = 179

Grayslake (3 four year terms for Village Board)
Jeff Werfel = 1381
Ron Jarvis = 1307
Kevin D. Waldenstrom = 1131
Quin O’Brien = 734

Hainesville (3 four year terms for Village Board)
Walter Kriese = 199
Kevin J. Barrett = 176
Gary Walkington = 149
Timothy Powell = 83

Round Lake Area Park District (2 six year terms)
Paul Hollingsworth = 997
Christine Gentes = 883
Bernard Meckler = 837

Round Lake Area Library Board (4 four year terms)
Mandy Hollingsworth = 872

Round Lake Area Unit District 116 (4 four year terms)
Annette Negrete McGinley = 525
Nanci Radford = 519
Tammie Hanna = 507
Lori Weiss Berdenis = 483
Mellody Gomez = 331

(1 expired 2 year term)
Michael J. Eckhardt = 651

Grayslake Elementary District 46 (3 four year terms)
Shannon Smigielski = 1437
Susan Facklam = 1330
Kip Evans = 1205
Mary F. Garcia = 1177
Marchell Norris = 1059

Grayslake H.S. District 127 (4 four year terms)
Ann Dingman = 1996
Ken Witkowski = 1754
Jon Cokefair = 1752
Edwin Brown = 1704
Douglas Nerge = 1642

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  • LC Truth

    Gene… I think we can both agree, while the County says 14.9% turnout in Lake County, in the western part of the county, Round Lakes and Grayslake, we had a hard time making it to 10%…and that is utterly ridiculous!

  • Gene Carey

    LC ~ People in the world are fighting and dying just to have the freedom to elect their governments. Yet, in areas such as Round Lake Heights which had a population of 2,773 back in 2006, only 8.5% felt it was important enough to go out and vote. That per cent might even be less based on the 2010 census which I didn’t have the figures for. Anyone looking at my voting cards signatures would see that I never missed one single primary or general election since I was first able to vote back in 1961. All I can say is SHAME on those who left it to others to decide who represents them and now they can keep their mouths shut if they don’t agree with how their villages are being run.

    PS: Did you read in today’s paper that Bean says she is not planning on running in the 8th District in two years? She must like her new job.

  • LC Truth

    Gene…I knew about Bean several weeks ago. I have never been a fan of those who were defeated trying to make a come back. If Bond happens to come across this, that means you too!
    Did you see the OPED from your township’s Supervisor last week. That was spot on!

  • Gene Carey

    Yes LC, I saw Sam Yingling’s “Letter to the Editor”. He is one elected official who is trying to save the taxpayers money with cost-cutting ideas including staying true to his slates promise to refund their pay raises back to the taxpayers (although Avon Township Assessor Bryce Carus reneged on his portion).

    Sam reminds me a bit of Joe Walsh in that he is not in it for winning popularity amongst his fellow Township Supervisors, but instead has no problem eliminating his very own job if it means saving taxpayers dollars. I’m sure that his OPED rattled a lot of other Supervisors.

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