D46 Superintendent Ellen Correll Gets Letter of Reprimand

District 46 Superintendent Ellen Correll receives letter of reprimand
Ellen Correll receives letter of reprimand
The Daily Herald has reported that Grayslake Elementary District 46 Superintendent Ellen Correll received a letter of reprimand from board members due to her political emails before the April 5 election. Libertyville attorney Richard Mittelman, hired by the board to investigate, determined that Correll didn’t commit ethics violations as charged in a complaint filed by Lennie Jarrett of Round Lake Beach. This didn’t sit well with several of the board members who also questioned why Mittelman failed to attend the meeting. You can read the entire Daily Herald article HERE.

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  • LC Truth

    A great piece. While I am not a Mitchell fan and what on earth is that Congressional “knock-off” lapel pin he is wearing, Paul and Marscall bring up very valid points. It is just a shame less that 15% of voters turned out or worse care.

  • Gene Carey

    When I first watched this video I couldn’t help being impressed with Marchell Norris who seems very well spoken on the issues effecting D46

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