Dr. Eric Novack Speaks at 60 Plus Healthcare Townhall

Dr. Eric Novack
Dr. Eric Novack
On Wednesday, October 24, orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Eric Novack, from Phoenix, Arizona, spoke to a group of senior citizens about the effects that ObamaCare will have on Medicare and their health insurance. The Healhcare Townhall Meeting was held in Gurnee at Viking Park and was sponsored by the 60 Plus Association which is a nonpartisan seniors advocacy group with a free enterprise, less government, fewer taxes approach to seniors issues. 60 Plus has set ending the Death Tax, saving Social Security and Medicare, repealing ObamaCare, and creating energy security for seniors as its top priorities. 60 Plus is often viewed as the conservative alternative to AARP. Mr. Robert Bills introduced Dr. Novack to the audience.

In 2006, Dr. Eric Novack had an idea for protecting Arizonans from health-care coercion. In 2008, Arizonans voted on Novack’s proposed amendment to the state’s Constitution which basically stated that:

“No law shall be passed that restricts a person’s freedom of choice of private health care systems or private plans of any type. No law shall interfere with a person’s or entity’s right to pay directly for lawful medical services, nor shall any law impose a penalty or fine, of any type, for choosing to obtain or decline health care coverage or for participation in any particular health care system or plan.”

The proposition lost by only 8,687 votes out of 2.1 million cast but that hasn’t stopped Dr. Novack from continuing his quest as he speaks to groups across the nation. Below is the one hour long meeting held in Gurnee.

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