Don’t Forget To Feed The Outside Strays

With the snowfall recorded as Chicago’s 3rd heaviest we must not forget about the little critters living outside who have no source of food and water. Besides feeding the birds and squirrels, don’t forget to put something out for the stray cats and dogs. With it almost impossible to navigate through the snowbanks, and dealing with the frigid cold, any small dish of food will be greatly appreciated by them. Many may be unable to get out of crawl spaces for several days and once they do they will seek out their usual feeding spots. Several of my friends have reported seeing their stray felines showing up after a few absent days.

Better yet, don’t shy away from taking one in if you have the ability to care for it. I have been feeding a tomcat since this past summer, even paying to have him neutered and released. He was a regular visitor to the feeder I built and kept on my front deck. The day prior to the BIG snow I was able to shut the storm door on his butt while he was eating on a small throw rug just inside my door. Surprisingly, he didn’t go bananas and climb the drapes trying to get back out. Instead he went under the kitchen table and then behind the couch. After about five days he started coming out more and yesterday he was even sitting in one of my cat window seats. Today, he mingles with my other cats and walks around with a big smile on his face, happy to finally be inside where it is warm. Below is a photo of my deck showing the buried cat house/feeder along with ‘Lil Punkin’.

My cat feeder was totally covered up by heavy snow and drifting
making it impossible for my young outside stray to get at his food.

Don’t forget to feed the strays during this cold snap.
Better yet, think about bringing one in from the cold like this sweet little tomcat
who was brought in the night before the snow storm. He’s a happy camper now!

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