Doper, Sherry Best, Gets 7 Years For Homicide

Sherry Best gets seven years for sister-in-laws homicide
Sherry Best gets 7 years for homicide

The second person directly responsible for the death of Melissa Best walked away with a sweetheart deal just like her husband, Charles Best, got last year. Sherry Best, who pleaded guilty to drug-induced homicide in the death of her sister=in-law, Melissa, received a light sentence of only seven years rather than the possible 30 years if the case had gone to trial. Considering that most convicts spend less than half of their time behind bars, it’s possible that Best may be out in less than three years.


Charles Best gets sweetheart deal from prosecutors
Charles Best gets sweetheart deal from prosecutors

I reported back on October 27th about the sweetheart deal that Charles Best got for agreeing to testify against his wife. With the case not going to trial it now looks even sweeter as he walked away with two years probation, a small fine, and a few hours of community service instead of a possible five years. How else can you describe it when they both worked together to dispose of Melissa Best’ body by leaving it in a steamy van in the parking lot of a Grayslake complex and then enjoying a snack before returning home to consume what was left of the drugs. He continued to work alongside his brother, Clint Best, without saying a word during the time everyone was searching for Melissa. 

Melissa Best
Melissa Best



Although Melissa Best was a participant in the earlier doping she did not deserve to be discarded like a piece of garbage by her sister-in-law and brother-in-law. Had 911 been called, this beautiful young lady might still be alive today.

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