Early Voting Ends Thursday October 28


With the new guidlines for Early Voting why wait until Nov. 2nd to vote? With only a week to go, most voters have made up their minds and can avoid the lines on Election Day by voting early.

Here is what the Official Lake County site says about Early Voting:

“Early voters are required to present to voting officials a valid Illinois driver’s license, an Illinois identification card issued by the Secretary of State, or any other valid government-issued identification document containing their photograph and name. Early voting ends the Thursday before Election Day.

Each voter has a convenient local site available for early voting. Each household with registered voters receives a postcard prior to the election listing early voting and Election Day sites for the addressee.”

You can go HERE to find your Early Voting location.

And, you can go HERE to see a sample your Official Ballot

Early Voters line up at the Avon Township Center

Early Voters mark their ballots at the Avon Township Center

Early Voters cast their ballots at the Avon Township Center



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One Comment

  • LC Truth

    Even with all the hype of anti-incumbancy, turn-out is trailing 08 just a smidgen! For sure I thought we would see better numbers.

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