Educational Forum on School Based Clinics – Saturday 2/25

Courtesy of the Lake County Right to Life website

Lake County Right to Life will be holding it’s next Educational Forum on School Based Clinics. The Forum will be held in the Conference Center of St. Joseph’s Church in Round Lake. Our presenter will be Lori Higgins from the Illinois Family Institute, who is an expert on schools.

Round Lake Area School District 116 has announced that planning is almost complete for a School Based Clinic (SBC) in the high school. An SBC provides many basic medical services, such as physicals and immunizations for low-income students. However, over the last 25 years, they have been surrounded by controversy because the primary reason SBCs exist, is actually to provide reproductive health care, which includes birth control, abortion pills and abortion referrals. The objective of SBCs is to make contraceptives and abortion available to all teenagers, regardless of their religious or cultural beliefs, without parental knowledge or consent.

This event is open to the public.

Event: Educational Forum on School Based Clinics

Where: St Joseph’s Conference Center
             114 Lincoln , Round Lake, IL,

When:  February 25, 2012 8:45 AM – 11:00 AM

Phone: 847-223-7022

Parents will NOT have access to what their children are being treated for
Parents will NOT have access to what their children are being treated for

There are several videos on this blog regarding the proposed SBC. I have featured one of them in the right hand column that emphasizes the fact that parents WILL NOT be notified once they sign the master consent agreement. This is a very important event that you should plan on attending even if you do not currently have children in the Round Lake Area schools since once it gets a foothold, the SBC will be hard to remove for future generations.

To find out more of what Brenda Bannor has said regarding the proposed Round Lake school-based (health) clinic, simply type her name in the search area at the upper right of this site. You will then be better prepared to express your concerns at this Right To Life event. You should also be aware that school Superintendent, Dr. Constance Collins, is 100% behind the project

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  • Josh

    Why do you persist in calling the health center a school based clinic? It’s a health clinic, or a health center, or a school-based health center (etc.).

    School-based health centers don’t provide abortions. They just don’t.

  • Gene Carey

    These types of clinics were always known as an SBC (school based clinic). Then, because of their reputation for referring pregnant girls to abortion ‘clinics’ officials promoting them wanted to remove the reference to ‘clinic’. Thus, they have become known as School Based Health ‘Centers’ (SBHC).

    Do some research and get up to speed on just what these ‘clinics’ motive really is! Hope to see you Saturday. You might find it to be a real eye-opener.

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