Electoral Board Keeps Independent Slate On Township Ballot

Avon Unity slate wins round one

Douglas Raul Williams
Douglas Raul Williams
In a 2-1 split decision the Avon Township Officers Electoral Board, at a Monday evening hearing that lasted several hours, moved to allow the Independent slate, Avon Unity, of Doug Raul Williams to remain on the April ballot.

In question was the validity of the signature petitions that did not have the “sworn before me” verbiage on the notary area since the copies being used for gathering signatures were of a different nature and had differnt notary language on them. Several of the people who had gathered the signatures were called as witnesses and most were asked the same type of questions as to what they felt was a valid notary and what they said and did in front of the notary.

The Avon Unity slate was represented by Attorney Chris Kennedy while plaintiff Haley was represented by Attorney Matthew Flamm. The Avon Township Officers Electoral Board consisted of Chairman David Ganfield, and Public Members Glenn Ryback and Jeanne Goshgarian. Chairman Ganfield and Public Member Goshgarian voted against the objections to the nominating papers while Public Member Ryback voted in favor.

UPDATE: It was reported in today’s Daily Herald that Erica J. Lopez has decided to withdraw her candidacy for Trustee.

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