English Speaking Minority Left Out of D-116 Survey

Latest analysis of RLA District 116 student population
Latest analysis of RLA District 116 student population

It was just three days ago that a presentation put on by the school based clinic proponents pointed out the fact that Hispanics now make up 70% of the school population. That might explain why a recent survey sent home to parents was only printed in Spanish. It makes me wonder where the outcry is from the white and black, English speaking minority. Had it not been for school activist, Lennie Jarratt, pointing it out in a post on Champion News and seeking an explanation from school Superintendent Dr. Constance Collins, the white and black, English speaking parents may have had to get a translator to know what the survey said.

The following was Dr. Collins response to Jarratt:

The document is a climate survey that was sent to all parents of students in our district. The District was made aware earlier this week that some parents on the mailing list received only a Spanish survey. Families should have received both English and Spanish versions of the newsletter. A correction has been made and a new mailing is being sent today.

Dr. Collins didn’t give any specifics on the number of English versions that may or may NOT have been distributed. The survey is now available on the schools website (left column titled “Climate Survey – Parents). It would appear that if you have more than one child in the school system you are restricted to completing the survey online only once. However, it doesn’t seem to stop voting from anywhere other than limiting one survey per IP address. Apparently a parent can send back the written survey AND fill one out online. Then they get to wear one of those popular little Chicagoland stickers that says “I Voted Twice”.

If this really upsets you white and black, English speaking minority parents, you might want to get in contact with one of the three media hounds (Jackson, Sharpton, or Allred) to come and help you protest at the next school board meeting.

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