Hey Buddy! Can You Spare Fifteen Seconds?

That’s the total time that it takes to stand up, place your hand over your heart, and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Yet the League of Women Voters moderator at the Grayslake forum, Kathy Tate-Bradish and the moderator,  Susan Ruether, both fumbled for words. Ruether told her audience “that’s going to take the time from our debate……….”.  It takes four seconds to say that. Tate-Bradish told her audience “I have absolutely nothing for or against saying the pledge of allegiance at the beginning of something like this, but…” which takes about eight seconds, more than half the time it would have taken to say the Pledge. Add just a few more seconds to either response and the Pledge could have been included without all the flap the LWV has brought down upon themselves, including the Executive Director Jan Czarnik calling those of us who stood “phony Patriots“.


Being a teacher, moderator Tate-Bradish is used to the Pledge no longer being recited in the classrooms. But she and her cohorts fail to realize that the voters in the audience grew up saying the Pledge and we are all proud to do just that. Maybe the LWV needs to stop treating the audience as if they are a student body and more like the adults who grew up in an earlier era, proud of our flag and what it stands for. What was the purpose of having the flag at either the Grayslake forum or the Pittsburgh forum? Has it become just something for show or some type of tradition? How about keeping with the tradition of standing and reciting the Pledge and maybe go back and change the law that removed it from the school curriculum as well.

 Democratic Congresswoman Betty McCollum has her own shorter version of the Pledge


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