Flashing Lights Sept. 6th at Rollins & Rt. 83

Starting at 9 AM. until the work is done, no later than 3 PM

UPDATE: If you are not a subscriber to this blog you may not have seen the latest posting announcing that the traffic mast was moved on Thursday and that the lights will NOT be going into the flashing mode on Friday afterall.

Expect major delays if you are planning on travelling thru the intersection of Rollins Road and Route 83 this coming Friday. According to an update from the County’s engineer they will be relocating a traffic mast and the signals will be OUT. That will require everyone to treat the intersection as a 4-way stop. There was no mention of the light at Hainesville and Rollins but I would avoid travelling north on Hainesville Road since traffic backing up on Rollins will spill over into the intersection, making it almost impossible to go east or west let alone trying to work your way into the eastbound left turn lanes to head up Route 83.

Busy Rollins Rd and Route 83 when the lights ARE working
Busy Rollins Rd and Route 83 when the lights ARE working

It boggles the mind to think that the County could not have flaggers and/or traffic control people at the intersection to allow free flowing Rollins Rd. traffic while the light is green at Hainesville Road and then allow Route 83 traffic to free flow when the Hainesville light turns red. I think the County is giving drivers way too much credit for being able to handle such a wide intersection with so much traffic. I expect to see RLB’s finest on the scene taking care of fender benders which will make it even worse while they get vehicles up on flatbeds and sweep up the broken glass.

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