Frostie Bites Yogurt Shop Opens in Round Lake Beach

Family owned frozen yogurt “Frostie Bites” open for business!

Sarah Seidel
Sarah Seidel

There’s been a lot of excitement building up in the Round Lake community anticipating the opening of the new Frostie Bites in Round Lake Beach. A lot of people were asking ‘When?” as they drove by and saw the “opening soon” signs in the windows. The day finally arrived earlier this week as owners Joe and Sarah finally received all approvals and opened the doors to the public.

I stopped by on Friday to see what all the excitement was about and also sampled one of their yogurt flavors (chocolate, naturally!). I must say, for someone who had never tried yogurt before, it was delicious. Joe and Sarah Seidel created their own Frostie Bites brand including designing this sweet place located at 524 E. Rollins Road.

You are able to pick from over 75 delicious topping choices, including flavors from their hot toppings bar. Their extensive frozen yogurt selection will always rotate so you don’t always have to try the same flavor. Choices will range from sweet to original tart and everything in-between to appeal to many palettes. They also have an extensive array of bulk candy to choose from which allows you to mix and match all of your favorites. In the following video you will see the current yogurt flavors but to stay current on new offerings as well as future promotions you may want to visit their website or Like them on Facebook.

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