Garage A Total Loss After Fire on Pine Grove

The Good News Is That Everyone Is OK

With fire departments responding from numerous neighboring departments (due to the high winds) to a fire in the 1400 block of Pine Grove in Round Lake Beach it was good news to find that the Bakanov family was OK and escaped their residence unharmed. I spoke with Mr. Bakanov who was a few doors away holding his young child and the dog on a leash. His Mother was with him along with his other child and his wife was on her way home from work. He told me that he looked out a window and saw some smoke coming from what looked like it might be some BBQing going on at his neighbors house. Awhile later he looked again and saw a whole lot of smoke and he went out to investigate. That was when hr spotted the smoke coming from the inside rear of his garage and immediately pulled his SUV out to the curb while at the same time calling 911. Then he made sure his Mother, children, and dog were safely out of the house before starting to unroll his garden hose. At that time the flames were higher than the garage and he knew it would be a hopeless cause to try to put out the fire, at which time the fire equipment began to arrive.

Garage at 1401 Pine Grove is a total loss after fire
Garage at 1401 Pine Grove is a total loss after fire

In the video you will see a small yellow pickup truck that was inside the neighbors garage but not operational and several men had enough time to push it outside. Mr. Bakanov mentioned that he was insured through State Farm and was thankful that his family and transportation were OK. The large hook & ladder truck was able to go over the top of the residence and concentrate on the two garages. With it being a fairly windy day the Round Lake Area Fire Department was able to put out the flames in a very short time and then take care of any small smoldering areas before leaving.
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