Gateway Park Pavilion Gets A Facelift

For those of you who travel on Rollins Road near Hainesville Road, you may wonder what is going on at Gateway Park. That is the park directly across from Mallard Creek shopping center where McDonald’s is located. 

I had seen several trucks there for the last few days along with a big dumpster and thought I would pay the crew a visit to see just what it was they were up to. As it turns out, the old pavilion is undergoing a massive face lift including roof, stairs, railings, and more. Now if someone could just figure out a way to get rid of the Canadian geese who make it almost impossible to walk around that area.

Maybe we will all have to ‘ride’ around there like the young fellow with his mini-bike (not sure if it was gas or electric but either way, probably not allowed on the asphalt walkways)

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