Dietz “Fight or Flight” Fundraiser Well Attended

Gerald (Jerry) Dietz, candidate for Circuit Court Clerk
Gerald (Jerry) Dietz, candidate for Circuit Court Clerk
I had the opportunity to attend Gerald Dietz fundraiser at Lakes Bowl Thursday evening and was quite impressed by the turnout. As the campaigns wear on, many fundraisers seem to dwindle in voter participation but this one was quite the opposite. It was called the “Fight or Flight” fundraiser with raffle tickets being sold over the last month or so for exciting prizes such as an airplane flight, tickets to the raceway, tickets to a major league game, a fishing excursion, and several other great prizes. Besides those prizes there were quite a number of additional raffle prizes at the event itself.

For a small campaign donation of only $10, the event included free pizza and bowling. Dietz stated in a short announcement that the reason for such a small sum was actually his way of thanking those who have been such a great help in supporting his candidacy for Lake County Circuit Court Clerk.

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Round Lake Beach Mayor Rich Hill and First Lady Kathy Hill attended the event

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