I’m sure there are many Packer fans in our midst, but today’s game at Soldier Field will see the Packers heading back to Green Bay and the Bears going to Dallas. If you are like most of us, you have stocked up with some of your favorite beverages and munchies in anticipation of a couple of great games today including the Jets vs. the Steelers.

The boring part of the day will be listening to Obama’s State of the Union address where it is predicted that he will talk about jobs. DUH!! It would appear that the message FINALLY sank in after his “whipping” in November. Maybe if he had spent more time on the economy instead of taking over the health industry, the auto industry, the banking industry, and everything else he touched, there wouldn’t be any need to be talking about jobs now.

Enjoy the game(s) – GO BEARS!

POST GAME UPDATE: Well, that sure turned out to be a BIG disappointment! The only bright side was the way the third string quarterback played under extreme pressure. It reminded me of someone who simply felt that they had nothing to lose and went for it! He was cool and collected and almost pulled off a stunner. Wouldn’t that have been something that would have been talked about for years to come instead of the criticism being said about Jay Cutler not willing to play “hurt”? Like they always say about the Cubs, “Wait until next year!”

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