Walsh Bean Debate – Will There Be More

What do you think the odds are on another debate between incumbent Congresswoman Melissa Bean and candidate Joe Walsh? After last nights League of Women Voters forum in Grayslake, it is highly unlikely. Less than ten questions were asked which did cover a wide range of topics but it failed to answer many that were asked by the audience (over 300 submitted on cards). With Bean currently leading in the opinions of most professional polsters it is doubtful that she will subject herself to another debate and will continue to hunker down with very few public appearances.


Yet, the latest indication from the Associated Press-GfK poll shows that the GOP stands to do major damage to the current Democratic incumbents. The poll shows that overall 43% would vote for the Democratic candidate while 50% would vote for the Republican candidate (with 5% undecided). Could this nationwide mood spell the end of Congresswoman Bean’s term and become an upset victory for Joe Walsh? With less than two weeks left before the election we won’t have to wait long to see this horse race play out.

Here are some additional comments from last nights LWV forum:

On education Melissa Bean stated that she believes in strong education and is not in favor of eliminating the Department of Education. Joe Walsh supports tax relief and sees value in education but feels that schools are a State and local issue and do not need the Federal government involved which is why he supports eliminating the Department of Education.

On the health care issue, Bill Scheurer stated that the recently passed ObamaCare bill was deeply flawed and suggested a better way was the proposed Medicare E program. Walsh stated that Congress “just passed legislation that will destroy the best health care system in the world”. Bean supported her decision to vote in favor of the health care bill, stating that she had heard from many of her constituents over the past several years that their biggest concern was the cost of health care.

On cap and trade, Walsh stated that there was a need to attract business and not send it off-shore, especially in a climate of uncertainty that has help fuel the economic and job situation. Bean continued to defend her vote in favor of the Cap & Trade Bill. Scheurer opposes the Cap & Trade bill and suggested it would not create a better life or environment, and should instead be concentrating on better use of things like energy. Walsh again stated that small businesses made it clear that they did not want the cap and trade bill passed, saying that it would handcuff the economy and hobble business growth. He is also in favor of offshore drilling. Bean mentioned several statistics that claim businesses have grown and will continue to grow especially in the energy sectors.

On gun control, Scheurer stated that responsible citizens should be allowed to own as many guns as they like but also said that they need to learn the proper use of weapons through training. Walsh is steadfastly in favor of concealed carry, stating that it has been proven in States that allow it, that gun related crime is down. Bean is opposed to concealed carry but does support the 2nd Amendment.

On the recent stimulus bill Bean read off more stats that the GDP had actually increased over the past 4 quarters and that the private sector showed job growth over the past nine months. Walsh called the bill an absolute failure and did little to “get the government out of the way”.

A question was asked as to why the government expenses were growing while others like the U.K. were cutting expenses by 19%. Scheurer and Walsh both stated that government needed to reduce spending while Bean continued to defend her voting record on major expenditures.

On education, Scheurer again stated that it is another deeply flawed system and suggested several ways to improve it including a need to breed creativity in our public school system. Walsh continued to oppose federal involvement saying it was a State and Local issue. Bean mentioned that the Recovery Act included the State Stabilization Fund so that schools would not lose vital support services.

In closing remarks Bean mentioned many of the news organizations that have backed her candidacy. Walsh pounced on this stating that being endorced by news medias such as the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, etc. means nothing since those are Chicago area papers and their opinions are not representative of the residents located in the 8th Congressional District which is far and away from their main readership.

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  • LC Truth

    Mr Editor, you did a fine job of point capture from last night’s debate. I just have to pipe in and say this was the first moderated debate offered to the candidates. Partisan forums, meet & greets are not debates, neither are partisan Q&A forums such as the one held in RLB a few weeks ago.
    I think we can all agree that polls can always be skewed. This district is classified as “safe blue” I talked with three Republicans last night who were clearly turned off by the antics of Walsh.
    As far as public appearances, come on, Melissa Bean isn’t going to be where the Tea Party is. Last week when Walsh was addressing 35 (not 100 as reported by him..I was there) at a gated community’s HOA forum, Bean was at CornFest talking with several hundred voters.
    Will there be another debate? No need…Walsh’s rhetoric is not representative of this District. Campaigns are all about strategy. Not one of Walsh’s better suits.
    One day we will have to talk about our local Lake County Races. The ones that really hit our pocket books!

  • Neutralobserver

    Moderator? Are you KIDDING? The moderator, Kathy Tate-Bradish, is an Obama worker! Her info and pictures are ALL OVER Obama’s organizing for America web site. Moderators are supposed to be fair and impartial. Sadly, this woman was not! Furthermore, stop spreading lies that Bean is ahead of Walsh in the polls, there have Been few polls done, and the latest one that has ANY credibility had this race as a dead heat. Why is a school district putting lies and half-truths on its web site about events like this? Furthermore, who funds this web site, because if it is the taxpayer, someone should be OUTRAGED that a school district web site is taking sides politically!!!!!!!!

  • editor

    First of all this site/blog is NOT associated with the Round Lake School District. If you do your homework (Google) you will find that they and all the villages have totally different URL’s. We write comments about things that may be of interest to the residents of DISTRICT 116 as well as put together individual pages showing websites, contact names, email addresses, etc. of all the villages of District 116 as well as the school, the park district, the library, the Township, etc. so you don’t need to get your dander up about any taxpayers funding this site. We have lived in the Round Lake Area for over 40 years and have been part of several groups who have tried to consolidate the four villages. We thought it would be nice to at least consolidate them all on one website to act as a directional sign telling people where they needed to go to get the information. Other than that, we are free to post anything we like, any topic we like, and our own opinions which others are more than welcome to disagree with.

    Secondly, if you had taken the time to read other posts on this blog you would have seen the one showing that ONE poll showed the race as being a dead heat. Yet, that only included a small number of responses and larger organizations are still calling it a blue (Democratic) win. The small poll that you are referring to and we reported on was good for Walsh but is not what the majority of analysts are predicting as the outcome.

    What really amazes me is that Bean is still sitting on over $900,000 and just driving from Grayslake to Winthrop Harbor today, I didn’t see ONE SINGLE BEAN SIGN! So, why is she sitting on all this money? Is she so convinced of a win or is it so she has a nice pile of money if she has to go back to work in the private sector?

    Thanks for stopping by and please don’t be a stranger.

  • LC Truth

    Just for clarification, millions of Democrats are part of OFA canvassing. If you call or knock doors for Democrats all Democrats not just the President, you are part of OFA….ORGANIZING for America

  • LC Truth

    Editor…no doubt you know I am a Bean Supporter. Don’t take Walsh’s word, the various Tea Party propaganda about her missing in action. She is not. She has been door to door, at major events, train stations and so on since the recess. As far as signs….they are out there, but many as soon as they get planted are taken. In my area, many are now gone, but Walsh signs are still there. Goes to show that Bean supporters don’t stoop to childish games and respect the fact that signs equal money and even if we don’t agree with Walsh, he has the right to plant signs. Now if he could just get them on personal property and not in open land, nailed to phone polls, or in right of ways.

  • editor

    LC Truth wrote: “As far as (Bean) signs….they are out there”

    With yesterday being such a nice day, I picked up a friend in Beach Park, driving from the Round Lake area, and STILL failed to see a Bean sign! Not even a BIG one at the corner of Rt 132 and Rt 45 where just about every other candidate has one. When I picked up my passenger I asked her to help me look for any type of Bean sign, large or small, as we travelled to Oak Lawn. NADA, nothing! Neither of us ever saw a single Melissa Bean sign. If you are suggesting that the Walsh supporters are removing them, don’t you think someone would have snapped their pictures by now and made it public? Are they so good at removing them that we should hire them to keep the roadways free of clutter?

    Would you please do me a favor LC Truth? The next time you see Melissa out in your neighborhood or ANY neighborhood or public gathering, would you snap her photo using the date stamp feature on your camera and send it to me? I would like to give her equal time as well as any credit she deserves for making ‘personal’ contact with her constituents.

  • neutralobserver

    I happen to be a newspaper reporter and former editor and have won awards for my balance and accuracy in reporting, and I must say this: First off, thank you to the editor of this site for not bashing my post, despite my clearly differing views. Secondly, it is unfortunate that although this site is clearly not associated with school District 116, that the creator of this site would have chosen the name http://www.district116.org in the first place. While it is not illegal to do so, obviously, it is still misleading, and in my opionion borders on being just plain wrong in general. That would be like me setting up a site called http://www.illinoistreasurydepartment.com or something, then offering up my political views there. Lastly, you don’t see many Bean signs because people in this district are tired of her lies, half-truths, hypocrisy, inaccessibility unless you pay $25 for a luncheon, and for taking Joe Walsh quotes totally out of context and then putting them into a commerical full of half-truths. Bean has taken her opponent for granted, and on November 2nd, she will no longer have a job! I have video of an event i was at right here in District 116 where Bean promises to answer people’s questions after an event, then, on tape, leaves in the middle of the event, blatantly lying to the faces of around 100 people in her district. Her funding in her district is plummeting, and it’s no accident. She voted against what the MAJORITY of her district asked for when it came to health care to side with Obama, and she has forgotten that SHE WORKS FOR US, and is NOT in Washington to vote aslong party lines, or to do what SHE wants, PERIOD. As for LC Truth and his or her posts above, your screen name should be LC LIES. The Tea Party is a party that is inclusive of all people, and the fact you are bashing them for their so-called propaganda is SO hypocritical. The Tea Party doesn’t have a leader, which is part of its inherent beauty, they are simply fed up with people like yourself, LC TRUTH, who continue to spead lies, slander our names, and so forth, all because you apparently have nothing better to do. Have fun losing control of the House on Nov. 2nd, and possibly even the Senate. Much like your liberal socialist government, who three days ago even voted in Arizona to overturn a law that had originally been in place saying you needed to prove you were a U.S. citizen to vote, you have all been exposed for the un-American thugs you all are. I am sure you will post one comment after the other says nasty things about the truths I have written about above, but I could care less. Much like Melissa Bean, you are about to be blindsided by people who love this country, and have had enough of fighting to protect our freedoms, our thoughts, and all of the work and sacrifices generations of families have put into this great land, only to have cowards and traitors like Barack Obama and his radical socialist czars, which even included pedophile supporter Kevin Jennings (go look it up), screw this great country up in less than 2 years. See you later, Melissa Bean, and the rest of you hateful liberals, who can dish it out, but when we dish it back, you turn into a bunch of crybabies who can do nothing but lie. And by the way, people in the Tea party are SICK of being called racists. Last I checked our President was both BLACK AND WHITE, and the fact any of you have to even label anything by race instead of someone’s accomplishments in this day and age is truly what is racist, and sad. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream is being squashed, to this very day, ironically by Democrats FAR more than by anything Republicans or tea Party members have done. Sad, but true. Have fun crying Novemeber 2nd because our country decided we in fact do have actual morals and values once again.

  • editor

    @neutralobserve = First let me say that I have never rejected, altered, or deleted any posts that were on topic. Those that have nothing to do with the content of the post and are obviously spam do get trashed. Sometimes I don’t get a chance to moderate the comments as fast as I would like but eventually it gets done.

    As far as the URL itself, we all know that District 116 is just that, a District. There are a lot of things going on in District 116 besides the schools including several villages, a wonderful park district, a great library, a bustling Township Center, fire and police departments, etc. I can’t help it that the term District 116 means the schools to most people. I have owned this URL since January 2002 and have changed the blog several times depending on what I felt like blogging about. If you have lived in the Round Lake area for a long time you will recognize the name Charlie Johnston. He tried several times to get the voters to push for a merger of the four R.L. villages and form ONE village, second in size only to Waukegan with mush more clout. I lived in R.L.P. at the time and saw that effort fail each time. Why? Because a couple of villages weren’t ready to give up their own little power. For example, R.L.P. would say things like “With the amount of streets in R.L.B., who do you think will get plowed out first?”, and then brag about their snow removal. Silly stuff like that which got the voters to turn down any type of merger referendum. Moving from the Park to the Beach back in 1978, I can’t see that services are that much different, always to my satisfaction.

    At one time this URL was used to bounce ideas off the community in regard to the schools being taken over by the State and how they felt about it. Again, long time residents will remember the name Cliff Houghton who had an ironclad contract with the schools which made it impossible to get rid of him without continuing to pay his salary which was not feasable considering the school’s financial situation. The school district also built the school off Nippersink based on flawed future pupil enrollment and was close to being borded up if it weren’t for SEDOL (The Special Education District of Lake County) renting space there.

    The URL went dormant for several years and no one ever came calling to ask about purchasing it. The schools were forced to use a specific URL so they all abide by specific descriptive guidelines and even abandoned the URL that they had. One school could not use RoundLakeSchools.com because there might be another school by the same name in another State. Typical government intervention.

    So, after sitting dormant for a few years, we decided to use the URL as a central location where residents could find information ‘leading’ them to the correct site which is why we have all the villages, schools, library, park district, township center, etc. listed along with their websites, phone numbers, and people to contact. It doesn’t quite match what Charlie Johnston had in mind but it still merges everyone under one URL.

    The fact that we may be posting a lot about the election right now is to get residents interested in the voting process, whether they are Democrats, Republicans, or Independents. If something posted on the site gets them fired up about their candidate, then that’s a good thing and I hope they will get out and vote. We haven’t been able to post much about Melissa Bean because she doesn’t make herself available except to newspaper questionnaires and they tend to use what they want in their publications. We have also reached out directly to new school Superintendent Dr. Constance Collins for a comment on her first few months at the school but she also has failed to respond. I’m sure that the residents would like to hear about how things are going and what changes she has implemented and foresees. We will continue to request comments from both.

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