GRLFPD Deputy Chief John Whitten Hearing Set For June 28th

Greater Round Lake Fire Protection District
Greater Round Lake Fire Protection District

A Greater Round Lake Fire Protection District spokesperson confirmed that Deputy Chief of the Round Lake Fire Protection District, John Whitten, was placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation. Recently, he was placed on unpaid administrative leave pending a hearing that is set for June 28th.

In a Letter to the Editor received today, sources state that there are at least 17 charges against Whitten including theft, battery to employees, and spitting in an employee’s face. Some of the charges span over many years and were ignored by the management until recently. One of the recent charges is for not holding a proper bidding process for work to upgrade the existing fire stations using funds obtained through a grant. Whitten awarded the contract to perform the work to a personal friend, who is also an employee of the Fire District. Whitten is also under suspicion of using a department vehicle to carry out an extra-marrital affair, as well as buying personal items for his family with a department credit card.

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  • RLFD 151

    Seems like Maplethorpe has a hard on for John. Current and past members know how things work there. John is and always has been a good Firemedic. Someone in that area needs to start a petition of board members and someone who will be accountable for the running of that department. The fire fighters have not been treated good in the past hence a union was formed. Some good people protect that community and citizens need to open their eyes and audit that department and get Maplethorpe to retire. He is full of hot air along with other things. Over charging for fees so he can buy radios, lights and whatever else he doesn’t have in the basement of his house. Give some if the monies collected to the members who actually do the work that make that Chief look good. Without those members doing what they do he meaning Maplethorpe wouldn’t have a job. John is and would be a good person to fill Maplethorpe’s position when he retires. Maplethorpe had been against John ever since he became Deputy Chief. Come on Paul grow up and stop stiffing the guys.

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