Hainesville & Shorewood Getting Traffic Signals

Residents living the the Round Lake Beach area will soon be able to navigate the intersection of Hainesville Rd. and Shorewood much better now that traffic signals are being installed. This intersection has been way overdue for signals since it is a bypass road from Rt. 83 to the Round Lake Beach area. When there is a traffic accident or lane closures due to R.R. track repairs at Rollins Road and Rt. 83, Shorewood becomes the detour route.

Hainesville Rd. and Shorewood  getting new traffic signals
Hainesville Rd. and Shorewood getting new traffic signals

During commuting hours, it is almost impossible to pull out onto Hainesville Road and even more difficult for the numerous school buses that come from Avon School to the Round Lake area. Whenever new signals are activated there will almost always be a number of fender benders caused by those who are so used to the intersection that they fail to take notice of any changes. Traffic on Hainesville Road is 30 MPH at this location and Shorewwod is 25 MPH so accidents may just be limited to vehicle damage. Always be aware of the other driver!

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