Hainesville Board Selects Grayslake To Patrol Village

After months of deliberation on whether or not to retain their current Hainesville Police Department or utilize another provider the Hainesville Village Board voted 5-1 Tuesday evening in favor of hiring the Grayslake Police Department.

Even though Hainesville’s home-grown local police department was only two years old, it had made great strides in hiring a professional team of officers to protect and serve the residents. With growing pains and the need for a larger facility, Mayor Linda Soto began to question the decision made by her predecessor on forming the villages own department. This lead to a Board approval that allowed her to seek and negotiate bids from other providers which eventually led to Tuesday’s decision to hire Grayslake’s Police Department.

According to the Mayor, Grayslake will add another patrol beat as well as add additional decals or lettering on their squads indicating Hainesville as well as Grayslake. The expected savings to Grayslake will be approximately $300,000 the first year with that figure taking into consideration the need to either build or lease a larger facility if they had kept their current force.


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