Still No Decision On Hainesville’s Police Protection

With April 1st fast approaching, it doesn’t look as though Mayor Soto’s wish to have a decision on Hainesville’s police protection by the end of March will happen. Instead, the policing bodies offering to patrol and protect the citizens of the Village were invited to put on their dog and pony show in front of the village board and residents in attendance.

So far, two potential suitors put their proposals on display along with Hainesville Police Chief Wallace Frasier at Tuesday’s board meeting. It doesn’t appear that much has changed when it comes to dollar figures with the two outside sources staying pretty close to their previous proposals and the Chief’s proposal still exceeding a million dollars, which included moving the 2-year old department to a larger rental building. The Lake Count Sheriff’s Department offered up a full time deputy on duty just for the village while Grayslake Police Department stated that they would add another patrol that would incorporate Hainesville’s coverage. Both proposals fell in the $700,000 range. That just leaves Round Lake Park, who quoted in the $500,000 range, to make a presentation although it wasn’t clear why they were not at Tuesday’s meeting. Strained relationships with Round Lake Park may end up costing the village taxpayers several thousand dollars in savings. Supposedly, a decision will finally be made on April 13th.

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