Hainesville Wants Answer By The End Of March

Mayor Linda Soto wants a decision by the end of March on whether or not to retain the villages own police department or farm it out. The newly formed department has outgrown its temporary headquarters and the question now is ‘How much will it cost to house a new station and pay the salaries and benefits”. In the past the police duties were contracted out with the Village of Round Lake Park but a dispute over the cost of renewing set the wheels in motion to create their very own force. Now, with escalating costs, the new Mayor is questioning that decision made by the previous administration. Quotes have been received from the County, Round Lake Park and Grayslake to tackle the police work. However, at a recent town meeting, the residents liked the idea of having their own force due mainly to the quicker response time as well as the interaction a local force has with the community.

Another idea that was recently floated to the Mayor and Board, was to have a metal building erected at a huge cost savings. One issue with that idea was a previous lawsuit settlement by the company making the proposal. It’s still a great option since there are certainly other companies putting these types of structures up (if the lawsuit is a big concern).

The village Board will be reviewing feedback from the recent town meeting at their next meeting on Tuesday, March 9th at 7:00 PM held at the Hainesville village hall.  With the deadline looming, if you want to add your input, this is a meeting worth attending.

Hainesville Village Hall
100 N. Hainesville Road
Hainesville, IL. 60030

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