A Happy Ending For “Gracie” ~ Missing Dog

Gracie reunited with owner after being missing for two weeks

Gracie, a white Pomeranian, was reunited with her owner after she was gone missing for two weeks after a home burglary in which a door was left open. As reported in the Daily Herald, at the time of the incident, it was unknown if Gracie had been ‘taken’ along with other items or whether she simply got out of the open door.

Earlier police reports indicated that the homeowner returned home and found the entire house turned upside down and the other pets still in a state of shock as if they were threatened. Beer was taken from the refrigerator along with several other items which would indicate this was a juvenile burglary. According to today’s Daily Herald article, four grinning Round Lake Beach police officers showed up at the owners door with Gracie in their arms. After some initial hesitation, Gracie eventually settled back into her normal routine with the other pets. The owner, who had earlier stated that Gracie had food allergies, reported that she looked as though she had been well taken care of during her absence. The police did not disclose any specific details since there is still an ongoing investigation that may lead to arrests.

We all love a happy ending when it comes to lost pets. 

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