Has District 46 Heard The Last From Towle?

Bob Susnjara from The Daily Herald reported today that our neighboring District 46 School Board voted 7-0 to terminate their contract with Edward Towle, the newly hired finance chief.

However, we doubt that this will be the end of their dealings with Mr. Towle. His attorney has asked for and hopes to receive ‘written’ reason why the contract was negated. Seeing as he is already suing the Brown Deer School District I’m sure that we can expect to see the same happening with District 46.

Neither Brown Deer School District Administrator Deb Kerr nor Edward Towle disclosed that he had been on paid leave for almost 15 months, but instead Kerr wrote a glowing recommendation on his behalf which District 46 took at face value. Now they will be reviewing how they interview candidates in order to prevent things like this from happening in the future.

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