How to Navigate the Hunt Club Road Roundabouts

Navigating the Hunt Club Road Roundabouts
Navigating the Hunt Club Road Roundabouts
Jump in the passenger seat and buckle up as we cruise through the two new roundabouts at Millburn Road and Wadsworth Road as they intersect Hunt Club Road. I still question the expense of these locations since they are out in the countryside where a traffic light might have been adequate. There may actually be an advantage in that it gives drivers an opportunity to experience navigating through a roundabout in a not-so-busy intersection before we start seeing these at more heavily travelled locations. I travel this route about once per week on my way to Beach Park and have become addicted to driving through these cleverly designed traffic circles, as they are referred to in Europe. My 89 year old Mother thought they were ‘scary’ but that may be because she gave up her license a couple of years ago due to poor eyesight.

This is the first video that I have ever narrated but it seemed like a better idea than simply playing music. I had previously uploaded other drivers navigating both roundabouts but finally had an opportunity to shoot the following video from inside the car. As you approach a roundabout it is important to pay close attention to vehicles entering on your left since traffic flows in a counter-clockwise direction. If there is a vehicle in the roundabout or about to enter before you get there, you will need to slow and yield to them. If there is sufficient room for you to safely enter ahead of them without stopping, then it is acceptable to do so. Once in the roundabout start paying more attention to vehicles that may be ready to enter on your right. Even though you have the right of way by already being in the roundabout, never assume that they will slow to let you pass in front of them. It’s always best to caution on the side of safety.

As I go around these traffic circles I’m always reminded of the M.T.A. song often called the Charlie and the MTA song where he couldn’t get off the MTA because he didn’t have the extra nickle increase (and went round and round and round!).

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  • LC Truth

    Did you get a chance to see that partially tax payer funded “private” horse tunnel underneath Hunt Club Rd on your approach to the roundabout? This LC Board folly is on no one’s radar.

  • LC Truth

    Thanks for the share…yes I missed that post. Bonnie Thompson Carter CB5 took a lot of campaign money from the owner of that tunnel. One can only surmise the quid pro quo for that partially tax payer funded debacle. I am glad to see she finally has an opponent for the 2012 election

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