Huge Turnout at the “Lake County Rising” Event

A Great Time Was Had By All Who Were Able To Attend

When I looked at the official sign-up page for the Lake County Rising Event scheduled for February 14th at the Round Lake Beach Cultural & Civic Center, there were less than 50 people registered. Not knowing exactly what was on their agenda, I grabbed my smaller camera figuring I would just take a few still shots and stitch together a video. Boy, was I in for a surprise! With the parking lot filled to capacity at the start time of 6:30, I already suspected that i should have brought my bigger video camera with a better zoom lens. When their information talked about ‘dancing’, I pictured a lot of women dancing together like they did as teenagers. Little did I know that an entire production was planned by several different groups. The host for the evening was Judy Armstrong. There were quite a large number of tables setup in the main lobby from various women’s organizations from our area. Several people and dignitaries made speeches prior to the entertainment.

Guest speaker, Claire Mukundente, originally from Rowanda
Guest speaker, Claire Mukundente, originally from Rowanda

I have to apologize to those that also gave great performances and speeches but didn’t get into the video below since I was too far back to get decent photos. I’ve included some of the performances in the video that were taken from a better position, but quite a bit ended up on the cutting room floor. You will enjoy the ending where all the women in the audience were asked to stand and join in. Wendy Warden provided me with the first few photos showing everyone ‘connected’ by yarn, but I am unable to explain what that was all about. She did mention to me that you could “feel” the vibes through the yarn coming from others who were holding onto it. Enjoy!

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  • Dave M

    Gene…what a great capture of the moment. This truly was an outstanding event. It started out with three stong women meeting in a coffee shop six months ago and the results was a packed house of women and men RISING.

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