Hunt Club Horse Tunnel That Taxpayers Can’t Use!

Tim Smith's publicly funded horse tunnel under Hunt Club Rd.
Tim Smith's publicly funded horse tunnel under Hunt Club Rd.
During the installation of two roundabouts on Hunt Club Road, a private landowner put forth a proposal to have an underground horse tunnel built. When the initial proposal was made by the landowner, he agreed to pick up the $80,000 tab. In the end it was the taxpayers that got the horse manure on their shoes when they ended up picking up half the tab!

According to Lake County, it was cheaper than installing flashing signs warning drivers of horses crossing the road. Lake County claims that the $40,000 paid for extending the guard rails South of the creek and for new pavement. (There was nothing wrong with the existing pavement at this location which is at least a half mile from the intersection roundabout construction) Taxpayers can view the new ‘public’ Hunt Club horse tunnel in the following video but DON’T even think about using it or you will be trespassing on private property to get there!

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After viewing the video do you feel that the underground excavation, reinforced concrete tunnel, side rails, and landscaping could have been constructed for $40,000? Or do you feel, as many do, that a large portion of the taxpayers $40,000 was also spent on something they can’t step foot on? You can read what Marty Buehler, Director Lake County Division of Transportation, had to say about the underpass in a written response sent earlier to the Daily Herald but be sure to read the comments as well HERE

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