Hunt Club and Wadsworth CLOSED May 9th

The intersection of Hunt Club Road And Wadsworth Road is scheduled to be closed starting May 9th, 2011 to construct a roundabout. This closure is expected to remain for 60 days. Utility relocation work is expected prior to the closure.
The full new release follows:
 Hunt Club Road and Wadsworth Road Intersection to Close

For this closure there will be two signed detour routes:

For Hunt Club Road, the signed detour route will be Illinois Route 173, Rosecrans Road, to U.S. Route 45, to Millburn Road, Lake County Route A-14. Local traffic will be allowed on Hunt Club Road from Illinois Route 173 to the work area and from the work area to Millburn Road but the work area for the roundabout will be closed to all traffic.

For Wadsworth Road, the signed detour will be Hunt Club Road, to Stearns School Road, Lake County Route A-16, to Dilleys Road, Lake County Route W-16. Again, local traffic will have access on Wadsworth Road from Dilleys Road to the roundabout work area but the work area itself will be closed to all traffic.

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ONLY local traffic will be allowed in the red areas. The intersection will NOT be passable at all.

From earlier reports, this is only one of the two projected roundabouts to be installed in this particular area. The other one is proposed for the intersection at Hunt Club and Millburn Road which is just south of the Wadsworth Rd. intersection. We have travelled this route for the past several years and have never seen a traffic jam or the number of accidents that warrants this waste of taxpayer’s money. It is located out in the country and they haven’t even tried installing any type of traffic controls first (not even a red blinking light). There are much more pressing repairs that need to be taken care of in Lake County starting with the “Millburn Strangler” at Rt. 45 and Millburn Rd





Old Mill Creek, IL-The Lake County Division of Transportation will close the intersection of Hunt Club Road, Lake County Route W-15, at Wadsworth Road, Lake County Route A-9, to all traffic for 60 days, starting Monday, May 9, 2011 at 7:00 A.M.

The closure is necessary to allow the County’s contractor, Campanella and Sons, Inc. to construct a roundabout to replace the existing multi-way stop intersection. The roundabout as designed will reduce crashes and crash severity as well as increase efficiency of the intersection.

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