Illinois Budget Crisis Eliminates Vehicle Emission Notices

Don’t Expect That Yellow Emission Notice in Your Mailbox Anytime Soon

The Illinois EPA will NO LONGER send you a yellow notice about four months prior to the expiration of your vehicle’s license plates due to the budget crisis. This notice used to allow sufficient time to test the vehicle and, if necessary, perform repairs. The EPA stopped sending out the notices back in December with very little notice to the public or the media.

Emission test required


If you sign up for electronic plate renewal notice, it will include whether you need the emission test as well. One problem is that when you sign up for electronic notification you get an acknowledgment email that says “Your license plate email renewal notification from the Secretary of State’s Office may take one renewal cycle before it is in effect”. Thus, if you wait until the last minute to renew your plates you may discover that you need an emission test before you can renew them.

If your license plates have expired and cannot be renewed due to failure to comply with the emissions law, you must obtain a 7-day permit from any full service Secretary of State driver’s license facility to legally operate the vehicle to get it tested.

You can sign up to receive plate renewal e-notices at:

You can check whether your vehicle will require an emissions test at:

You will need your VIN, your registration ID, and your PIN, all of which are available on your current registration card which should be in your vehicle.

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