Illinois Family Institute Weighs in on Round Lake Area School’s SBC

Brenda Bannor, Steering Committee Member of the Illinois Coalition for School-Based Health Centers
Brenda Bannor, Steering Committee Member of the Illinois Coalition for School-Based Health Centers

The American Family Institute published an article today that talked about the proposed school based clinic (SBC) planned for the Round Lake Area Schools. They also referred to the video that I took of the public meeting held several months ago at the High School where Brenda Bannor clearly stated that NO tax payers funds would be spent to build, operate, or fund the clinic. The article’s author, Laurie Higgins, states that “school-based health centers offer hypothetical scenarios that they believe show why these centers are necessary, like what if a teen is too afraid to talk to her parents and as a result has unprotected sex and contracts an infection or becomes pregnant. But conservatives can offer alternative hypotheticals. What if a teen who knows how strongly her parents feel about premarital sex and, therefore, fears talking to them, decides not to have sex because she can’t easily access birth control?”

Here are a few excerpts from the article:

1.Those who support school-based health centers believe that it is the role of government to provide everything to citizens that they see as good, which is why the United States is drowning in debt and spawning generations of citizens who lack personal fiscal discipline and a sense of responsibility for their own lives. We are becoming lazy, self-indulgent consumers who believe we’re entitled to everything we want, but believe we have no responsibility to pay for it. This is not an indictment of truly needy people. This is a comment about liberals who control public schools and about those who have an entitlement mentality toward government, like the Georgetown University law student who believes that American taxpayers have an ethical obligation to pay for birth control for female students enrolled at one of the most prestigious and expensive law schools in the country.

2.Taxpayers do foot the bill for school-based health centers. I was amazed at the statements made by pro-health center consultant Brenda Bannor who spoke at a District 116 school board meeting.

Bannor said that no school funds and “no tax dollars are used to operate the school-based health center…It will be run by the Lake County Health Department. The school provides only the space and there’s actually a federal grant that will be coming out that’s specifically for building school-based health centers.”

What, pray tell, does Bannor think federal grants are other than tax dollars?

Bannor goes on to say that Round Lake High School would use the Lake County Health Department to administer the health center because it is a “federally qualified health center” and therefore “they are able to get enhanced reimbursements through Medicaid.” She stated that “there will be billing done, so the health center will be able to recoup dollars through billing.” And she stated that the district will not be “asking the federal government to constantly fund the health center.” How can Bannor say that money will be recouped by billing Medicaid and in the same sentence say that the government will not be constantly funding the health center? Again, where does Bannor think funding for Medicaid comes from other than tax dollars?

Initially I thought Bannor didn’t understand funding issues, but after reading her bio on the Millenia Consulting site, I realized that she couldn’t possibly be as ignorant of funding issues as her statements to the district suggested. Therefore, I can’t help but wonder if she was deliberately trying to mislead Round Lake community members.

For parents living in the Round Lake Area School District, be sure to read the entire article HERE. You can also voice your concerns on a public forum that is NOT associated with the school district at: Your names and email addresses will not be shared or seen by anyone other than myself. Comments are monitored and will be approved first prior to appearing to reduce any vulgarity and spammers.

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  • Kim

    The Lake County Health Department is also funded by taxpayer dollars.

    Also, there is a satellite office of the Lake County Health Department located within walking distance of the Round Lake High School.

    Do students really want to be seen going into the clinic at school? There should be less of a chance of other students seeing if a student goes to the actual LC Health Clinic up the road.

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