Is Keith Brin Lying To Lake County Voters?

Keith Brin, Chief Deputy Clerk
Keith Brin, Chief Deputy Clerk
At almost every Lake County Clerk of the Circuit Court candidate forum that Chief Deputy Clerk, Keith Brin, has been at, he continues to talk about how profitable the office has been under his direction. When I say his direction, Brin, in his very own words says that he is the person running the office which means he is the person responsible for everything that goes on in the office as well.
Brin has stated numerous times, using various words to describe just how profitable the office is under his leadership. However, as I posted earlier, much of the income that Brin claims as office revenue is actually for other departments and his office merely collects the money.

Brin mentions again and again at the candidate forums that NO taxpayer money was spent on the clandestine program that was kept so secret, most people using the clerks office didn’t even know that it existed. Brin went forward with a 2.3 million dollar program WITHOUT approval and has already spent close to 1.7 million of the money on it. When Brin says “no taxpayer money, not one single dime” he must think that fees paid to the Court do not come from taxpayers. Maybe Brin could point us in the direction of this free money so that we can use it instead of our own money when we need the circuit clerks services.

Since Brin is running the office, as he claims, and has been doing so for the last 3 1/2 years, then that could only mean that the Cease & Desist order was directed at him. It was Brin who implemented the clandestine remote access system. In his forum comments, Brin has also stated how important it is to assure the safe-keeping of records, yet is has been shown that his clandestine program actually gave off-site users access to the ENTIRE system’s records, including personal information such as key witnesses and police informants names.

Brin’s opponent, Gerald Dietz, has brought up a great point at the candidate forums when he questions WHY the fees have gone up 71% this past December if, in fact, the office is so profitable. Brin has even suggested at the candidate forums that the fees should be reduced. But remember, this is the same person who was involved in getting them raised.

Republican opponent, Dietz, brings up more points in his campaign video below which might help you to decide who you want to vote for Clerk of the Circuit Court in Lake County.

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  • Gene Carey

    Investigating this claim would require getting hold of an old college yearbook to find out who he hung around with and if they were willing to rat on him under oath. Maybe someone reading this can supply me with some strong leads to start out with.

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