Is The Constitution Being Taught At Round Lake Schools?

Back on March 26th a visitor to this site asked me if the Constitution, George Washington, Abe Lincoln etc. were being taught at Round Lake District 116 Schools. My advice to the questioner was to contact the school direct and ask them. When I was in high school it was a requirement to pass the Constitution test in order to graduate.

Here was that persons latest email to me:

I emailed Ben Martindale of R. L. School District twice asking him if
the Constitution or Washington, Lincoln etc were being taught at the
schools. So far I have not received any answer at all. Anyone know
about the history or lack of that is being taught at the schools ?

Maybe someone from the Round Lake school system could post an answer here so we ALL know the answer. Hopefully Dr. Ben Martindale will stop by to respond as well since he failed to directly reply to TWO requests from a concerned residents question!

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  • llilly

    The state and federal constitution are taught in all Illinois schools. In Round Lake, students have to pass the state and federal constitution tests twice; once in 7th grade and once in high school. They take a civics class in high school in which the material is taught and the test is administered as part of that class. In seventh grade it is a unit in their social studies class. Washington and Lincoln are covered during their eras of US History as well.

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