Jan 28th D116 School Board Meeting Will Recommend NEW Option on Restructuring

This is a MUST meeting for parents to attend!

Round Lake Area School District 116 will be holding a very important school board meeting to vote on a final recommendation on the elementary school restructuring plan. The Board meeting will be held Monday, January 28, 2013, 7:00 pm at the Round Lake High School Theater.

Superintendent Constance Collins & Board President Nanci Radford
Superintendent Constance Collins & Board President Nanci Radford

I searched all over the schools website to find “promised” answers to parent’s questions that Board President Nanci Radford stated at the last meeting would be posted there. About the only thing I could find was a sentence in their latest PowerPoint presentation, under a date of January 17th, that merely says “Administration facilitates a collaborative meeting with certified staff and parents to collect feedback (approx. 30 people)” There were many questions asked at the last meeting that remain unanswered as far as I can tell.

If you read the latest file that will be presented Monday evening you will see that apparently on January 18th, Dr. Collins learned of an additional option available from the State that is now being called “School Governance” which by definition means “Align the school with an existing research-based school improvement model of sufficient size and scope such that the model, used as prescribed and intended, can affect needed change.”

After they analyzed the feedback, which included 57% of 186 parent/community respondents choosing to replace ALL or Most staff, the school board and administrators have narrowed the options down to two choices to vote on with the “School Governance” being recommended. You can read the recommendation report HERE but it’s more important for parents to be at Monday’s meeting to hear first hand what they decide and why!

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  • Nanci Radford

    I would like to clarify that the answers to the public comment questions were posted to the website within the promised one week timeline given at the school board meeting on January 14, 2013. Dr. Collins asked for the one week timeline in order to contact administration and staff regarding some of the responses.

  • by Gene Carey

    Thanks for clarifying that, Nanci. I went looking for them only a few days ago, not a few days after the earlier meeting, and was unable to locate any link for them. Hopefully they were online for a length of time, even now, since many of us would still like to read the answers to so many questions.


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